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Snowdon - More Than Just A Mountain

Here at Pen-y-Bryn we are always looking for new experiences for our guests to try. We are sure our latest finds will not disappoint the adrenaline junkies amongst you!

The beautiful views from the top of Mount Snowdon have always drawn visitors to North Wales. Reaching the summit is an achievement for many walkers and climbers, including us here at Pen-y-Bryn! Our find for you is something a little different and not for the faint hearted.

Zip wires are a fairly recent addition to Snowdonia. The experience will get your heart racing and show you views of old mines and beautiful caverns without the need to crawl through small spaces. Instead you will fly through the air, over or under ground, reaching speeds of around 100mph in parts! All sites are within 45 minutes drive of Pen-y-Bryn holiday cottages.

Zip World, an adults only experience, say 'Titan is the first of its kind, the only 4 person zip line in Europe, where riders reach speeds up to 70mph over moor, mountain and mine'. Velocity offers two zip lines. Little Zipper 'is a great introduction and confidence builder with a maximum speed of around 45mph.' Following this, you will be driven up the mountain in a specialised off road vehicle, receiving a tour of what was once the largest slate quarry in the world. At the end of the tour you will reach the Big Zipper. 'This is a mile long zip line that provides riders with a birds-eye view of the historic quarry and the spectacular North Wales coastline and beyond.'

Zip World also offer an experience for children from age 3 upwards, Bounce Below, the world’s first subterranean playground of its kind. 'Imagine giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels all made from netting. Now picture this suspended in a slate cavern hidden underground and you’ll have the right idea.'

If soaring through the air above the ground isn't for you, why not try an underground zip wire adventure instead? Zip Below® Xtreme offer 'A staggering five kilometres of pure underground adrenalin through some of the worlds most spectacular abandoned mine workings for an adventure that many people already have called the greatest trip of their lives.'

Whether you are looking for a full or half day, to swing high or swoop low or for something a little less extreme, and are sure to have something just right for you. Fight your natural instincts and everything you've ever been taught and do look down!

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