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Farmhouse Hot Tub Hire

Our Farmhouse has it's very own Wood-Fired Eco Hot Tub with Ice bath and Bar area. Located on the farmhouse garden which is exclusively for use by farmhouse guests.
Available for nightly hire to Farmhouse residents only.

Farmhouse Hot tub and bar area.jpg

Please add this as an extra at checkout if required.  Cost £75 per night includes preparation, lighting and fuel for the evening.

When booked the tub will be lit for you at 3pm and hot by around 5.30pm then yours until 10am. The tubs use fresh water with each session, no chemicals are used and the water will be drained onto our garden after use.

Due to this the tub must be emptied, fully cleaned and disinfected between each session, we provide a full draindown and cleaning service between each use, this is carried out between 10am and 3pm.

The tub seats 6-8 people and has internal lights.

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